Dont get discouraged by lower percentile scores on mock CAT tests!

One of the fellow students mailed me an intersting article on Pagalguy-this year a lesser number of students are taking online tests. Therefore, compared to previous years, for the same absolute scores you would be getting lower percentile scores.

If you are looking to join top business schools, dont get discouraged by lower percentile scores in the mock tests. Keep practicing.


IMI Admissions 2011

Greetings from IMI. We will be very soon kicking off our admission process for 2011 within the the next one week. The application window will be open till November 2011. During this time period I will be sharing with you advice, tips and assistance on applying and also more about IMI. Do bookmark this page to stay current with the developments.

And yes, All the Best for your CAT exam!

Application forms 2011

Dear all,

The application forms for 2011 will be available from September 17, 2010.

You can apply online by going to

The online application has been introduced on popular request. We hope it will make your applying to IMI just a few clicks away.

Good luck!

Best regards,

Chairperson, Admissions @ IMI

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